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Winter safety tips give you more than cold comfort

Forestry employers and workers can find information and resources to help beat seasonal hazards in the Council's online Winter Safety Package. It delivers information on safety issues involving Workers, Transportation, Machinery and Facilities.

For example, the Workers section contains prepared crew talk forms on winter safety -- such as the importance of using three-point contact while climbing into vehicles, or appropriate footwear to avoid slips, trips or falls.

As well, there are relevant Forest Industry Safety Alerts from SAFE-certified companies. They describe actual incidents that have occurred in our industry. Links to other websites take you to other information and resources. See the winter safety resource page at our website: Click here and select the package that interests you. Or phone 1-877-741-1060 to have the package faxed to you free. 

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Crew talks are key

A key focus is crew talks, short safety discussions by an employer or supervisor with workers. “Talk” is the idea, not a lecture.

The person leading the crew talk typically uses a one-page form with the specific safety points. It also has room to record workers' feedback and for them to sign off on the discussion. The form can be posted on bulletin boards, inserted in pay envelopes or distributed in other ways specified by your safety management system.

Crew talks meet the requirements of Audit Question F2K for large companies and Audit Question A4 for small companies. 

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Talk your own talk, not just ours

You'll find prepared crew talks in each of the Winter Safety Package's four sections. As well, using information from the package, you can prepare talks that meet your operation's unique needs.

To help, we're making available a blank form to prepare your own crew talks. Add your own safety information and a picture or diagram, a record the names of workers attending the crew talk. Download the crew talk form as a PDF file from the Councils website: Click here.

We'll give you more in the spring

Committed to giving you up-to-date safety information, the Council plans to produce a Spring Safety Package dealing with hazards of that season in the working woods. It will be ready April 1st.

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