Logging Truck Fatality, Log Sort Fatality, and a Fatality Reclassification

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BC Forest Safety Council
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Sadly, the BC Forest Safety Council has learned of a direct harvesting fatality that occurred on November 7th in the Chetwynd area.

The tractor of a loaded cut to length (CTL) logging truck went off the side of a single lane bridge. The tractor came to rest on the driver's side of the cab. The driver was found on the ground under the cab.

Updated: An investigation report has been completed and is available from WorkSafe BC at: http://www2.worksafebc.com/Topics/AccidentInvestigations/IR-Transportation.asp?ReportID=37623

A previous incident that was considered a direct harvesting fatality has recently been reclassified so the addition of the Chetwynd incident brings the total to 11 for 2013.

Also, a manufacturing fatality occurred on November 13th at a forest products manufacturing and log sorting operation in Mission. A young worker was fatally injured when struck by a bundle of logs that was being pushed into the Fraser River.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Although the causes of these incidents have not been identified, it is important for the forest industry to examine their operations and make any necessary changes to prevent similar incidents.

  • When operating vehicles or equipment it is critically important to wear seatbelts. Staying in the cab with your seatbelt on will offer the best protection if you roll-over or lose control.
  • New and young workers (under age 25) are at high risk for injuries at work. Thorough orientations, effective 2-way communication and close supervision are required to keep these workers safe.
  • Winter is here and there are new hazards to watch out for:
    • Poor visibility and increased darkness
    • Cold temperatures
    • Slippery conditions
  • Ensure there are good communications if it is necessary for a person on foot to enter an equipment operating area. The best practice is to keep equipment operations and people on the ground separated.


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