2015 Summary

Forest Harvesting and Manufacturing Fatalities

All statistics are based on information available at time of publishing. For current information, please see the statistics page.

Please note: *There are four fatalities the BC Forest Safety Council is aware of that occurred in 2014. WorkSafeBC tracks fatalities by the year in which they accept the claim. The BCFSC uses the WorkSafeBC data of accepted claims for trends although it may not specifically indicate current year fatalities, it is the only long term data base for comparative purposes. **As at January 6, 2016, it is anticipated that 8 fatalities will be Accepted Harvest Fatality Claims that occurred in 2015. This is preliminary information.

Please note: The 2015 1.11 fatality rate is based on an estimated 2015 harvest of 72 million cubic metres.


Explanation of the 2015 fatalities

Until claims are finalized by WorkSafeBC, there is the potential for changes on classifications between direct or associated fatalities, and/or potentially previously unknown incidents. Preliminary information, however, as at January 12, 2016 for 2015, is as follows.

There were eight direct forest harvesting fatalities in 2015

There were four associated forest harvesting fatalities in 2015

There was one sawmill manufacturing fatality in 2015

There were two natural causes fatalities in 2015



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