Air Safety

Many forestry operations are dependent on air travel or helicopter work. 

In 2016, the Floatplane Operators Association (FOA) with support from the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC), established the Air Carrier Safety Working Group (ACSWG). One of the group's first actions was the initiation of a comprehensive safety program that would aid in improving float plane safety performance within British Columbia.

The FOA has joined The Northern Air Transport Association and in co-operation with the Air Carriers Safety Working Group and with the assistance of The British Columbia Forest Safety Council, have developed The North Star Practices (NSP).  The NSP is a program that can be used by the Operator or anyone who wishes to enhance safety.  We have also attached an Auditing Package which contains all pertinent documents for the Operator to review in preparation for full NSP recognition.


Flying Safe – Transport Canada. Seaplanes are a great way to visit much of Canada. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a safe and memorable trip.

Small Aircraft Passenger Guidelines – Transport Canada. When most people think of airports, they think of big, busy terminals that see thousands of passengers each day. But that’s not the only way to fly.


Flying On Board Sea Planes. (Poster) – Transport Canada.

Safety Around Helicopters. (PDF) – Transport Canada.

Sea Plane/Float Plane a Passengers Guide. – Transport Canada.

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