Safety Alert - Fatality - 2013-05-30 - Truck Driver in Steep Embankment Rollover

Harvesting Incident
Date of Occurence: 
Near Pemberton
Type of Injury: 

It is with deep regret that the BC Forest Safety Council notifies the forestry community of a recent fatality.  On Thursday, May 30th, a driver of a water truck was fatally injured when his water truck rolled approximately 110 meters down a steep 100% embankment.  The water truck was backing up along a narrow section of the road when one tire went off the edge which caused the truck to tip over.  This incident occurred near Pemberton and the investigation is ongoing.

Unfortunately, this is the third truck driver fatality this year.

 We recommend that all drivers and their supervisors pause to review their operations and take the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents.  Below are some general guidelines relating to trucking operations that can be used in this review:

Update From 2013-08-28 Safety Alert

This fatality, which was originally reported as being directly related to harvesting has been reclassified. This incident involving a water truck driver has been identified by WorkSafeBC as having a core activity of transmission line installation.

This fatality is still significant and relevant to forestry operations but will no longer be classified as a direct harvesting incident.

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