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Why Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are published with the intention of saving lives and reducing injuries.

Safety alerts provide timely information on incidents and issues which cause, or result in, serious or fatal injuries.  Alerts are intended to raise awareness and educate industry so we can learn from each other's experience and effort.

The need for improved communication has been identified multiple times.  The "IWA Task Force on BC Coastal Logging Occupational Health and Safety" and the Forest Safety Task Force, both recommended that "When a fatality occurs in the forest industry, public awareness be heightened by putting forward relevant, meaningful, constructive and considerate information to the media in a timely manner." The Forest Safety Task Force also recommended industry be provided with better information through industry and government agencies collaborating to "ensure more timely distribution of information on investigations, deaths and serious injuries in the forest sector." 

Over 1750 safety alerts have been shared through this website since 2006.  Over 1300 of these safety alerts came directly from companies and workers as "Industry Safety Alerts".

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Fatality alerts and Monthly Safety alerts are both available via email if you subscribe to the Safety Alert email list.


Subscribe here to receive Safety Alerts which provide quick and easy access to information and additional resources related to actual recent incidents in forestry operations. Knowing and sharing this information with crews can help prevent similar incidents in the future.

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