Guidelines for Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Fighting Hand Tools for British Columbia

This guideline provides information on industrial activities that are high or low risk, and on appropriate types and quantities of tools and fire suppression systems to be available during industrial activities. This is intended to apply to crews working within 300m of forest or grassland as required by the Wildfire Act and Regulation. The undertaking of low or high risk activities, combined with the Fire Danger Class for the work site, will determine the type of equipment required. The Guideline should be used in the context of hazard assessment. In addition to fire fighting equipment, safe operating procedures and an overall plan to prevent forest fires should be developed for each work activity.

The fire tools and water delivery systems discussed in the Guideline are recommended as adequate only for suppressing wildfire ignitions, as required by the Wildfire Act. They do not constitute equipment required to fight an established fire

For the full guideline in pdf form please click here.



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