Steep Grade Descent Tools

Logging TruckWorkSafeBC regulation 26.2 and the associated Guideline 26.2-2 describe requirements regarding hauling logs on steep grades (greater than 18%), a risk assessment is conducted and safe descent procedures are developed.

FP Innovations has developed a new Android app available for mobile devices to help determine appropriate payloads and descent speeds for loaded log-hauling trucks travelling on slopes with curves, as well as on inclines greater than 18%.

The Steep Grade Descent (SGD) Guidelines app is based on a spreadsheet tool and allows users to input various road parameters such as grade, length, the presence of a switchback, and traction level. The app predicts safe loads and operating speeds for specific road conditions, also entered into the app. If the specified conditions pose too high a risk, then additional measures such as revised road parameters (grades and traction) must be considered to ensure safe hauling.

The app is developed for highway trucks with 42 cm (16.5 inch) diameter brake drums with a payload of 60 tonnes. For a truck configuration to be acceptable, it must be able to stop on a steep pitch using only its service brakes in the event of a driveline failure.


We are interested to hear how you are using this tool, and would be pleased to apply it in the field with you. Based on your feedback, further development of these tools may be undertaken for other axle configurations (e.g. super B-trains, quad-axle trailers), short logs and winter conditions. Please let us know what will work best for you. transport@bcforestsafe.org.

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