Certification Process

With a good safety management system, it takes four to six weeks to become SAFE certified.  A small employer can become certified in as little as 48 hours, while a large employer with a deficient system and need for a external audit may require a year or more.  

1. Registration


2. Training (choose one depending on company size)


3. Building/upgrading your safety management system to minimum standards



4. Audit package (choose the one appropriate for company size)


5. Audit review and issuing certificate

  • typical review time for a passing submission is 4-6 weeks, except in June/July and December/January peak periods where it may take 8-10 weeks. 
  • under special circumstances with a written justification, 2-day rush service may be arranged but this is not recommended or guaranteed and is not usually available during peak periods.
  • review of deficient audits takes longer and may require multiple attempts.

Note: telephone support is available for all stages of certification. Call toll-free 1-877-741-1060. 


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