Two Way Satellite Text-Messaging

The safety issue we had impacted the following users:

All employees who worked alone or out of visual contact of other employees in areas where there was weak or no cell phone coverage.

The safety issue we had was:

The industry needed a safety solution for employees working in remote locations outside cell coverage. The solution needed to provide workers the ability to signal an Emergency Alert if they were in distress, and to offer immediate communication with a Monitoring Centre. A robust system would mark the worker’s exact GPS location (+/- 5 meters), and provide information about the nature of the distress, while offering the option of regular check ins. If the employee failed to check in, the system could do an “on demand” location of the device to check the employee’s location. Another helpful feature would be a GPS generated bread crumb trail mapping the employee’s position.

Our innovative approach was:

A small number of companies have developed programs that satisfy some or all of these needs. Delorme, ACR and Spot are among the common names of satellite messengers. In June 2013, the Delorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator released the first satellite “standalone” device to provide two-way text communications to any email, cell phone number or inReach user no matter where the location. The inReach SE allows employees to carry a single device for safety, communications and GPS tracking. All of these devices can enhance employee safety in remote locations.

The difference it made to our safety operations was:

Satellite messengers offer safety solutions to workers in remote areas by providing check in and emergency messaging. We now have the added ability to communicate via two-way texting to employees in remote locations, providing a high level of comfort that an emergency would receive immediate assistance.

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For more information about Delorme, Spot and ACR devices, please visit their websites:

Delorme - http://delorme.com/


Spot – http://international.findmespot.com/

ACR - www.acrartex.com

Name: Lance Kellough

Email or Phone: lance@blackridgesolutions.com or (778) 686-5799



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