Injury Claims Management

The BC Forest Safety Council, Truck Loggers Association and WorkSafeBC are running a two-year pilot for Coastal forest companies to help make claims processing more efficient, get workers back to work quicker, and reduce industry’s insurance claim costs.

All of BC industry takes 7 days to file injury information with WorkSafeBC. Forestry takes 21 days on average. The law requires 3 days!

Every day of delay adds up to potentially 10s of millions of dollars of insurance costs, lost production days, rehiring costs, training costs and other soft costs to industry.

For the injured worker, every day in delay, is a day closer to never returning to work, not getting the best treatments and injury management/return to work plans in place.

To learn more about the issue and solution, see: Backgrounder, Q&A, letter to companies and Article in the BCTruckLogger.

How to report a workplace injury

For employers:

Report online at worksafebc.com

For workers:

Call 1.888.967.5377 or #5377 for TELUS, Rogers and Bell mobility customers.

Need help filing your report?

Call the BC Forest Safety Council’s hotline at 1.855.234.8360

Wallet cards and Posters

To order free wallet cards and posters for your company and workers, please email walletcards@bcforestsafe.org

Wallet Cards: Wallet Card

Poster (11"x17"):


Return To Work Teleclaim poster - Forestry

(If you would like to print your own posters, you can download the poster. (pdf, 3.4MB)

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