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The Trucking Advisory Group (TAG) was established in January 2014 by key forest industry representatives in response to a cluster of log trucking incidents that occurred in the late summer/fall 2013.

TAG’s objective is to improve log hauling safety performance within the forest industry. In general, safety performance within the industry has improved significantly throughout British Columbia since 2005. In 2010, the reductions plateaued, and in 2011 and 2012 the injury and fatality rates have increased. In 2013 and 2014, we have seen a higher than normal number of on highway logging truck incidents, as well as a high number of trucks spilling their loads off highway. Currently log hauling has one of the highest injury and fatality rates in the industry.  TAG has been formed to facilitate the efforts of industry to shift safety back to an improving trend.

TAG Structure

The TAG structure consists of both a task team and steering team. The task team works directly on determining safety issues and trends that need to be addressed within the log hauling sector, formulates specific objectives to address identified concerns and defines a set of actions to achieve the objective. The task team reports to the steering team for verification of the objective(s), and action plan(s). The steering team is tasked with providing direction to the task team and aiding in key recommendations and initiatives being implemented within the industry. The BCFSC supplies facilitation and ongoing support to the TAG. TAG has initiated the following actions:

Key Documents

Terms of Reference

TAG Best Practices

TAG Objectives

TAG Procedures

TAG Safety Bulletins



Steering Team

Task Team

Staff Support

Contact TAG

To provide comments, input or feedback, please email the group at TAG@bcforestsafe.org.

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