2014-09-02 - Faller

Fatality Alert

Sadly, the BC Forest Safety Council has learned of a direct harvesting fatality that occurred on September 2, 2014. A faller was fatally injured while working in the Seymour Inlet area.

This incident is still under investigation so the detailed information and causes have not been released. This is the 2nd direct harvesting fatality in 2014.

Below are some requirements relating to manual tree falling operations that should be reviewed with your crew to help prevent future incidents:

DEADLY SIN #1           OH&S Regulation 26.26(1)
Failing to progressively fall danger trees into open areas with the falling of other timber and before falling adjacent live trees.

DEADLY SIN #2           OH&S Regulation 26.24(6)
Using the practice of “Domino Falling”.
DEADLY SIN #3           OH&S Regulation 26.25(2)
Leaving cut-up trees and failing to mark such trees and notify the work place supervisor and workers whom may enter the affected area of the location of the cut-up trees.
DEADLY SIN #4           OH&S Regulation 26.24(5)
Failing to take appropriate measures to control the fall of trees, which may include:

  • Not ensuring the undercut is complete and cleaned out
  • Not leaving sufficient holding wood
  • Carelessly cutting off the corners of holding wood
  • Not ensuring that the back cut is placed higher than the undercut
  • Failing to have wedging tools immediately available at the tree being felled
  • The unnecessary brushing of timber.

DEADLY SIN #5           OH&S Regulation 26.29(1)(2)(3)
Permitting workers, other than the faller and those permitted by the regulations, to be within two tree lengths of the tree being felled.
DEADLY SIN #6           OH&S Regulations Part 19: Electrical Safety
Falling trees within the specified minimum distances from unguarded overhead energized high voltage electrical conductors without complying with the requirements.


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