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The term “phase congestion” means a situation where different logging phases operating simultaneously in a single worksite become bunched up, overcrowded or jammed (aka congested) in a manner which compromises the safe and efficient operation of the work being performed.

Safety Concerns and Managing Risks

CHAG identified phase congestion as a priority in 2013.

With CHAG's leadership and support, working groups analyzed and identified the root causes of phase congestion and how best to manage it.


Tools and Training

To help prime contractors, licensees, contractors and supervisors be aware of Phase Congestion and how to manage it if it occurs, CHAG produced materials for broad industry use.  These materials are now part of a resource package the BCFSC makes available on their website and have been incorporated into SAFE Companies training and audits.

Free online training has also been developed by a CHAG and FTAC committee that will help supervisors and workers prevent phase congestion.

SAFE Companies

As a result of CHAG's work, SAFE Companies audits and training were modified to better address Phase Congestion and related issues.

CHAG Phase Congestion Presentations

Email CHAG at CHAGinput@bcforestsafe.org if you have any questions or feedback on the CHAG materials.

Ombudsman's 2017/2018 Review of Phase Congestion

As a follow-up to industry's efforts, the BCFSC requested the BC Forest Safety Ombudsman conduct an independent review of the state of Phase Congestion.  The report was presented to CHAG and published to the BCFSC Ombudsman's website in Spring of 2018.



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