Resource Road Driving

Resource Roads network across British Columbia.  (Over 400,000 kms of roads)

Resource roads fall into several broad categories: Forest Service Roads (known as FSR's), Petroleum Development Roads (known as PDR's), private roads, non-status roads, wilderness roads, spur roads, and permit roads.  

Resource road users include many industrial users as well as recreational users.  Road width, line of sight, road surface, visibility, wildlife and heavy industrial traffic, are only a few of the hazards.  The level of maintenance on these roads is a variable.  We urge all resource road users to exercise caution. Expect the unexpected. Even though there may not be active logging in an area, there may still well beother industrial users - oil & mining exploration, silviculture and forest management.  It is critical that resource road users understand and follow resource road safety rules.

Follow these Resource Road Use Safety Tips:

  1. Most resource roads are radio assisted.
  2. Follow the rules of the road. 
  3. Drive with your headlights on at all times.
  4. Stay on your own side of the road.
  5. If you have a radio, make sure you're on the right frequency and follow calling   procedures.  If not, follow a vehicle that has a radio.
  6. Expect the unexpected. Always be prepared for oncoming traffic. 
  7. Have a safety check-in plan in place. There is no cell phone coverage on many of BC's resource roads.
  8. Carry an emergency kit with you which includes food, water, and a way to keep warm. 
  9. Loaded industrial vehicles ALWAYS have the right of way. You need to pull over (in a pullout if possible) and wait until the loaded vehicle is cleared.
  10. Do not pass an industrial vehicle until that vehicle indicates that it is safe to do so. When passing, do so with caution. 
  11. Obey all speed controls. General speed limit is 60 km/hr
  12. Wear your seatbelt at all times.


Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training

New Program Information

Driving on Resource Roads requires skills and knowledge unique from operating on other roads.  This video shows some of the hazards of driving on resource roads and explains how BC Forest Safety's Resource Road Driver Training Program can help drivers develop the skills and knowledge to travel safely.  https://youtu.be/WXNhJ9m9C9w

Look here  /node/3609 for more information on BCFSC Resource Road Driver Training.


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