February 2015 - Night shifts and hauling safely before break‐up

This was the third time that Bob had switched to nights this winter! It had been an unusual hauling season and the warm weather had forced them into new areas just to keep the haul going. Bob was experienced and knew what to do to keep his energy levels up and his mind sharp when working nights. The first attempts at sleeping during the day were difficult but his family helped by keeping it quiet. His wife packed plenty of food for him and kept away from the heavy, fatty foods that made him drowsy. Bob knew that break‐up was just around the corner and that he needed to keep focused or an incident might put a crimp in his break‐up plans.


This winter has been unusually warm and this creates challenging working conditions. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

Road Conditions

Upset Conditions

Working Nights

State of Mind


  1. Quick Sleep Tips for Truck Drivers
  2. Nutrition, hydration and safe movement presentation by Dr. Delia Roberts


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