2015-04-06 - Pickup Truck Driver

Fatality Alert

On April 6th, a forestry worker was fatally injured when he was struck by a pickup truck on a resource road in the Smithers area. Two trucks were traveling together when the first driver pulled over and stepped outside of the truck. The truck that was following collided with the parked truck and the worker.

This is the second direct harvesting fatality1 of 2015. Both have been motor vehicle incidents.

Our condolences go out to the family and co-workers of the deceased worker.

The RCMP and the Coroner’s Service are investigating this incident and the results will be released as soon as possible.

Although the details of this incident are still unknown, take the time to review the following driving safety information:

  1. Clear communications are essential for safe travel along resource roads. If you don’t know the rules of the road or radio use protocols for your area, check with an experienced road user, local forest company or Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations office.
  2. When travelling in groups, use your radio to communicate to the rest of the convoy. Relay important safety information only, no chatting. If vehicles need to stop and pull over, let the following vehicles know.
  3. Poor visibility due to dust, fog, or bright sunlight can reduce the ability to spot and react to hazards. Slowing down gives drivers more time to make correct decisions when visibility is poor.
  4. When working on foot alongside resource roads, make sure you can be easily seen. Alert other road users through radio communications, signs, high visibility clothing, and the use of 4 way flashers.
  5. Never operate a vehicle when impaired. Impairment can be caused by alcohol and drugs as well as over the counter medication, fatigue and even strong emotional states.


1.Direct harvesting fatalities are incidents where a worker in the logging, log transportation or silviculture industries is fatally injured at work.

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