Shake and Shingle Guarding Initiative - 2015

The BC Forest Safety Council has been working with several shake and shingle operators to identify additional guarding opportunities in the BC Shake and Shingle Industry to address injuries taking place on shingle head saws and trim saws.

Initial funding for the project came from WorkSafeBC, and the participating mills have contributed funds and resources.

Representatives from The Teal Jones Group, Waldun Group, Streifel Industries and Desjardin Industries from Quebec have met on a regular basis since January 2015 in efforts to develop guarding solutions for use in the BC industry.

The expected outcome (by year end 2015) is to have at least 2 guarding options available. Companies could use these options or develop their own compliant guarding solutions.

In August of 2015 a letter detailing the current status of the BC Shake and Shingle Guarding Initiative was sent to BC Shake and Shingle Operators. For the current status of the iniative please review this letter.

Guarding Solutions in Development

West Coast Solution

West Coast Solution is a Guarding solution developed by people from Waldun Group, Teal Jones Group and Streifel Industries.  This is a two part solution consisting of a Head Saw guard and a Trim Saw guard.  Both are in the testing phase at Waldun's.

Pictures and Overview: West Coast Solution pictures (16 pictures)

Industry Desjardin

An engineer from Industry Desjardin recently travelled to BC to meet with the Waldun and Teal Jones Groups to identify the guarding needs of BC's shake and shingle industry.  Industry Desjardin has a guarding solution built for Quebec's industry.  They are redesigning their guarding to fit the larger BC saws.  They are building the guarding package in their shop in Quebec and will be shipping it to BC to be fitted to a test saw for evaluation.

 Pictures: Industry Desjardin guarding solution (4 pictures)

Testing, Information Packages and Ordering

After these options have been tested and information packages made available, these guarding solutions will be able to be orderd from Streifel Industries for the West Coast Solution and from Desjardin Industries for the Industry Desjardin solution.

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