West Coast Solution - Shake and Shingle Guarding

This is a guarding solution developed by people from Waldun Group, Teal Jones Group and Streifel Industries.


When a block is loaded on the carriage a guarding flap is opened by the use of an overhead air valve.  This allows the spalt to pass through and be discarded.  The valve is then closed and the flap moves back into guarding position and the shingles are processed.

The trim saw guard is the other part of the West Coast Solution. A molded clear guard and improved table prevent contact with the trim saw.


The following videos show the West Coast Solution in operation:

  1. Shake and Shingle Mill Guarding - West Coast Solution Part 1
  2. Shake and Shingle Mill Guarding - West Coast Solution Part 2

Below are some high resolution pictures of the guarding solution as configured on the test system.

File attachments
Air Valve Set up 1.JPG
Air Valve Set up 2.JPG
Air Valve Set up 3.JPG
Bottom of framing 1.JPG
Bottom of Framing 2.JPG
Front of Head Saw Guard 1.JPG
Top of Framing 1.JPG
Top of Framing 2.JPG
Top of Framing 3.JPG
Top of Framing 4.JPG
Top of Head Saw 1.JPG
Trimmer Saw 1.JPG
Trimmer Saw 2.JPG
Trimmer Saw Back side 1.JPG
Trimmer Saw side view 1.JPG

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