2015-10-14 - Worker

Fatality Alert

On October 14th, a worker was fatally injured when the service truck he was working under rolled over him. This incident occurred in the Ladysmith area on Vancouver Island. WorkSafeBC and the Coroners Service are investigating the incident and the results will be released as soon as possible.

Although the details of this recent incident are still unknown, review the following general safety information:

  1. Workers should be qualified to undertake the work. This means that they are knowledgeable about the hazards related to the work and the steps needed to eliminate or control those hazards. Supervisors must assess workers to make sure they are qualified and if not, get the work done by someone who is.
  2. When performing maintenance work, follow the appropriate lock out procedures. When performing extensive maintenance, or disassembling machinery, be aware that the regular lockout procedures and tactics may not be effective.
  3. Gravity is a hazardous energy source that is often not identified. Think how gravity may cause objects to roll, shift or fall. Blocking of raised equipment and chocking of wheels on mobile equipment are reasonable precautions.
  4. After a serious incident, close supervision may be needed as some workers will have difficulty focusing on their work. Before work is started up again, a thorough review of safe work procedures can help keep operations on track and safe.
  5. Mental health problems may result if the stress from a critical incident is not managed appropriately. Seek professional counselling help for workers who are having difficulties.



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