October 2015 - Safety On and Off the Job

Bill had been logging for many years so it made sense that his neighbor asked him to help take down the large fir tree in his backyard. Always ready to lend a hand, he grabbed his chainsaw and went over to have a look. On the walk over he started to think about the job ahead. At work they always had a plan based on a good assessment of the hazards, before they started the job. Now he was ready to start cutting this tree without any plan at all.

Bill slowed down and helped his neighbor take a good look at the tree and what had to be done. It was going to be a complex job so they decided that a tree service professional with a bucket truck was needed to do the work safely.

Sometimes when we do work at home or for a friend, we forget or ignore the safety practices and procedures that we always follow while on the job. If you get seriously hurt at work or while at home, the results are the same – lost income and a lengthy rehabilitation.

Think about the challenges that you may run into when taking on jobs at home:



  1. Home Safety from the Canadian Safety Council
  2. New safety rules and mandatory registration for off road vehicles in BC


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