2016-01-27 - Bulldozer Operator (Manufacturing)

Fatality Alert

On January 27th, a 62 year old equipment operator was fatally injured when the bulldozer he was operating fell off the high end of a hog fuel pile at the Catalyst pulp and paper mill in Crofton. The bulldozer rolled over during the incident and the worker was found deceased at the scene.

Our condolences go out to the family and co-workers of the deceased worker.

WorkSafeBC and the Coroners Service are investigating this incident and the results will be released as soon as possible.

Although the details of this incident are still unknown, review the following general safety information:

  1. An upset condition is any event that is unplanned. This can be a mechanical breakdown, unexpected weather, or change in the work plan. Upset conditions can also be caused by personal factors such as fatigue, stress or illness. Most incidents happen when there is an upset condition. Pause and plan your work carefully when there is an upset condition.
  2. Seat belts are critical safety equipment that should be worn in all mobile equipment. During emergencies, the seatbelt will keep operators in their seats so they will be able to remain in contact with and operate the controls. If the equipment rolls over, the seatbelt will keep the operator restrained reducing the potential for injury.
  3. In the forest industry, many equipment operators work alone and need a regular check in system. More frequent check ins are required for operators who are doing high risk work.
  4. Identify steep slopes and drop-off hazards when planning the work. Develop a plan that allows safe operation of equipment.


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