February 2016 - Marine Transportation Safety

On March 14, 2015, the self-propelled barge Lasqueti Daughters, carrying 17 people, took on water during rough weather to the point that the crew and passengers abandoned the vessel. The vessel was in the process of sinking when towed to shore. Fortunately there was a crew boat being towed and a skiff on board that accommodated those getting off the Lasquiti Daughters.

Many forestry operations are accessed by boat and it is important to consider what procedures, equipment and qualified staff needs to be in place to safely transport workers.

Planning and Procedures:

Preparing for Emergencies:


Navigation and Communications Equipment:

Take another look at your safety program. Does it manage all aspects of your operations, including marine transportation? Consider the parts of your business that might only be done on an intermittent basis and consider if you have adequately assessed the risk related to those operations?


  1. Transportation Safety Board’s Investigation of Sinking of Lasqueti Daughters
  2. Transport Canada Vessel Registration Office
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  5. Transport Canada’s Safety Videos
  6. Cold Water Survival Information
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