Silviculture Advisory Committee (SAC)


The purpose of the Silvicultural Advisory Committee (SAC) is to reduce workplace injuries and loss in British Columbia’s silviculture contracting sector. This goal is achieved through strategic objectives set out in the BC SAFE Silviculture Program. That program’s outcomes are guided and monitored by SAC members including volunteer silviculture workers and employers, government and industry clients and WorkSafeBC and the BC Forest Safety Council. As the membership suggests, collaboration among actors is the principal method used to achieve SAC’s purpose.


The SAC’s primary function is to make sure the BC SAFE Silviculture Program’s efforts to reduce injury and loss reflect the silvicultutre sector’s workplace safety priorities. As part of this sector-led process SAC monitors the Program for effectiveness. It also acts as a bridge between the silviculture sector and the BC Forest Safety Council.





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If you have information to share, would like to learn more about this group to help influence positive change, please contact the BC Forest Safety Council toll-free 1-877-741-1060 or email gerard.messier@bcforestsafe.org.

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