October 2016 - Danger trees hitting standing timber

Alert of the Month

A special falling safety alert was mailed out to all fallers earlier this month. This is the content it contained:

So far this year we have had two falling fatalities. Both fatalities involved danger trees. While being felled, the danger trees struck standing timber causing the danger trees to either buckle or break up into small pieces, coming back and striking the fallers.

As fallers we know things seem to go in trends and the concern is this may be the start of another one. We are bringing this to your attention to raise awareness around this issue. Only the fallers making the decision can stop this from happening. All fallers should use the safe work practices listed below:

  1. Do a full 360 assessment of a danger tree’s condition.
  2. Is the danger tree sound enough to maintain the control of fall?
  3. Consider whether to ask for qualified assistance for a second opinion.
  4. Determine if an alternative method of removal is required.
  5. Is there an adequate opening?
  6. Make 2 escape trails behind cover if available.
  7. Place falling cuts at a comfortable height to assist you in monitoring the top.
  8. While using escape trail do not turn your back to falling tree.
  9. Do not take your eyes off of the falling tree.
  10. Be sure to let the canopy settle down before going back to stump.

Always have a good falling plan. Pay special attention to the safest sequence when removing danger trees.

Want to talk more about danger trees? Call any of the BCFSC falling safety advisors toll-free: 1-877-741-1060

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