SAFE Companies Advisory Committee (SCAC)

In order to better provide permanent ongoing industry feedback to the SAFE Companies program, a SAFE Companies Advisory Committee (SCAC) has been formed, made up of industry volunteers. From this the Committee members were chosen so that there is a broad range of business and personal backgrounds, from all audit sizes, all geographies and all types of business (harvesting, planting, milling, etc.).  The members all have experience in health and safety in the forestry and/or forest products industry, and/or be an expert safety resource and most importantly be supportive of the process and committed to making a difference in the safety performance of the industry. Members will have great influence to help guide the development and maintenance of BASE, SEBASE, ISEBASE and IOO audit tools, auditor training materials, and quality control processes for audit reports and for verification audits to meet industry needs.

The SCAC meets four times a year (either in person or via teleconference call to make it easier for volunteers from all parts of the province to participate) and may set up separate sub-committees for projects such as audit design. As a volunteer committee, only direct expenses, if any, of attending meetings will be reimbursed accordingly to industry-established BCFSC policies.



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Contact Information

Cherie Whelan, BCFSC’s Director of SAFE Companies, is the SCAC sponsor.

If you are interested in helping to guide your SAFE Companies program and processes, please contact Cherie Whelan by email: cherie.whelan@bcforestsafe.org or call toll-free: 1-877-741-1060.

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