January 2017 - See It. Own It.

Safety is not only about taking precautions, it’s also about taking responsibility.

You’ll often see the message that “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”. But what does that mean?

Sometimes it’s useful to spell it out in plain language, for example: “If you see it, you own it.”

If you see a hazardous behaviour or condition, you own the responsibility of getting it fixed. Often it’s tempting to walk by hazardous situations. There are many reasons why this happens: too busy, no one is going to fix it anyway, it’s always been like that and hasn’t ever caused a problem. Whatever the reason or excuse, we need to change that attitude in our industry. To further reduce injury rates and save lives, everyone needs to identify the hazards and then own the responsibility of getting that situation fixed. This may take more time, a difficult conversation, or a change of plans but it’s necessary if we want to take the next step in improving the industry’s safety results.

How to “See It”:


How to “Own It”:


  1. Safety Moments – includes “See it. Own it.” information.
  2. “I Chose to Look the Other Way” Video
  3. Print Copy of this alert for posting


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