2017-03-04 - Chip Transport Truck Driver

Fatality Alert

On February 28th, a chip truck went off the road and over a steep embankment on Highway 3 near Manning Park. The driver was trapped in the cab for two days before being rescued. Tragically, he passed away from his injuries on March 4th. Our condolences go out to the family, friends and co-workers of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by this incident.

The Coroners Service and RCMP are investigating.

Many forestry operations have employees who work alone, including log truck drivers, equipment operators and supervisors. Although the details of this incident are still unknown, review the following safety information:

  1. Check-in systems are required for all employees working alone. Assess the risk level of the work being done. More frequent check-ins are required for high hazard work. Consider working in pairs if possible for high risk work or challenging, remote work locations.
  2. There are several technologies available for remote workers, including SPOT, InReach and other GPS systems that track the location of trucks, equipment or field workers. Some systems will provide exact locations and notifications when a worker needs assistance or if there is an emergency.
  3. Make sure your Emergency Response Plan is specific to the location and work being done. Ensure workers are trained in procedures on how to rescue operators trapped in rolled over and damaged equipment. Conduct drills to test the emergency response plan.


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