June 2017 - Working Around Vehicles

Alert of the Month

The following is a summary of a recent incident:

After the camp orientation, a planter went and laid down on a large section of grass that was being used for a parking area. The planter laid down behind a row of crew trucks that were parked perpendicular and adjacent to the road. Beyond this was a large grassy field. All the crew trucks were parked facing outward, other than the last crew truck, which parked facing inward and perpendicular to the road. It had just arrived and was not able to back in due to the lane being blocking by another vehicle.

The driver of the crew truck left his vehicle to use the washroom. The driver returned to his vehicle a few minutes later along the road where the visibility to the location of the planter was blocked by the other crew trucks. The rear door of his truck was open and was obscuring his line of site along his vehicle.

The driver walked around the back of the truck to the driver side door and then got in. The driver pulled forward and turned right, driving around and behind the end vehicle. His front tire missed the planter; however, as he made his turn the rear wheels went directly over the planter’s torso. The planter received extensive crush injuries.

Brief your crew on the risks of interactions between workers and all mobile equipment, including pickups and passenger vehicles.


  1. WorkSafeBC high visibility clothing requirements:
    https://www.worksafebc.com/en/healthsafety/ tools-machinery-equipment/personal-protective-equipment-ppe/types/high-visibility-clothing
  2. Link to original safety alert that was quoted above:
    https://wfca.ca/2017/06/industry-safety-alertworker- run-over-by-large-pick-up-truck-062317/


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