2017-07-04 - Two Planters in Separate Motor Vehicle Incidents

Fatality Alert

The BCFSC has received reports of two separate motor vehicle incidents that have resulted in fatal injuries to two tree planters. The first incident occurred on July 2nd when a single vehicle went off of a resource road and rolled near Seymour Arm.

The second incident occurred on July 4th on Highway 5 between Kamloops and Merritt. This incident involved a car swerving to avoid a deer. Two of the passengers were fatally injured when the car went off the road and rolled. One of the deceased was a tree planter.

It is not known at this time if these incidents are work related. However, both incidents highlight the need to focus on driving safety.

Our condolences go out to the families, friends and co-workers of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by these incidents.

Please review the following safety information:

  1. Slow down and drive the appropriate speed for the conditions (road surface, presence of wildlife, road hazards, and visibility can all change unexpectedly). Reduce your speed to allow for these unexpected and changing conditions especially at night, dawn and dusk.
  2. Consider taking training on how to steer and brake properly to avoid obstacles while remaining in control of the vehicle. Practice your skills so you will react properly when an event occurs.
  3. Drivers are responsible for their passengers’ safety. Make sure loads are secure, seatbelts fastened, and that vehicles are inspected and in good repair.
  4. Impairment from fatigue, alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs) slows reaction times and causes poor decision-making. Make a plan to have a well-rested and alert driver behind the wheel.
  5. Distractions include more than phones. Focus on driving – conversations, loud music and other distractions can take your focus away from operating the vehicle and can lead to a serious incident.


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