September 2017 - Recent Logging Incidents

Alert of the Month

Recent logging incidents have highlighted the need to work on three critical areas: workers being struck by objects, motor vehicle incidents, and slips, trips and falls.

  1. Being struck by an object, like a danger tree, log or piece of equipment

    In the BC Interior, a worker was assisting with loading equipment onto a lowbed. The truck tractor was backing up and the worker’s leg was crushed between the truck and trailer. Another example occurred at a dryland sort operation where a log chunk fell off a dewatered bundle of logs and struck a worker. The worker was airlifted to hospital.

  2. Motor vehicle incidents

    While en route to a local mill yard, a loaded logging truck collided with a moving train at an uncontrolled railway crossing. The truck driver was taken to the hospital. On a logging road, a loaded logging truck lost control on the approach to a bridge, struck the guardrails, rolled over, and landed in the creek about 65 feet below. The driver was transported to hospital by ambulance.

  3. Slips, trips and falls

    While setting up tail blocks at the back end of a logging setting, a hooktender (a young worker) slipped on a moss-covered rock, then slid and fell about 30 feet. The worker was transported to hospital by helicopter.

These incidents are still under investigation, however, brief your crew on the following safety information to help prevent similar incidents:


  1. This fatality alert contains information on preventing incidents where workers are struck by vehicles. /node/2885
  2. Most of the incident descriptions above come from WorkSafeBC’s incident web page; a good resource for identifying incident trends in the forest industry: www.worksafebc.com/en/health-safety/create-manage/incident-investigations/reporting-incidents-worksafebc/recent-incidents
  3. BCFSC’s Steep Slope Logging Resource Package: /node/1938
  4. Steep Grade Descent Tools for Log Trucks: fpinnovations.ca/ResearchProgram/forest-operations/transport-and-energy/pages/tools-and-resources.aspx
  5. Safety Videos:


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