October 2017 - New and young workers

Alert of the Month

Trevor was a faller trainee who had just finished his initial 30 days of training and he was pumped to start knocking down some trees. He had just been hired by a falling company with an excellent reputation. The first day on the job, the owner spent a few hours with him to explain his expectations and told him: “Don’t worry about production, we want to see that you’re falling each tree safely and then the production will come.”

They paired him up with a 30 year faller, Greg, who seemed to be genuinely excited about showing him the ropes. Greg cautioned Trevor that there was a still a lot to learn. “I am going to show you everything I know to keep you safe and do a good job.”

Greg was a great mentor and kept Trevor working on the basic skills until he mastered them. He also started introducing more advanced skills as the company slowly moved him into more challenging terrain and timber types. Later on, Trevor was paired up with other experienced fallers to learn different skills and approaches to falling.

Trevor developed into a safe faller and a high producer thanks to the thoughtful approach of the company and mentors like Greg.

Employers have a great opportunity to set their new employees on the path of zero incidents. Here are some tips on how to do that with faller trainees and other new workers:

New Worker Tips


  1. Listen to Your Gut - Young worker resources from WorkSafeBC
  2. What I Know Now – Employers sharing information about training young workers worksafebcwhatiknownow.com


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