2017-12-29 - Log Truck Driver

Fatality Alert

On December 29th, near Fort St. James, a loaded log truck struck an empty, stationary log truck that had lost traction on a hill. After the collision the loaded truck left the road and the load of logs moved forward and partially crushed the cab. As a result, the driver of the loaded truck was fatally injured. The road conditions were reported to be icy.

Our condolences go out to the family, friends and co-workers of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by this incident.

The RCMP, Coroners Service and WorkSafeBC are investigating. This is the 10th harvesting fatality of 2017.

Although the details of this incident are still unknown, review the following safety information:

  1. Drive at the appropriate speed for the conditions and unknown hazards. Know your route and pay special attention to low visibility curves and blind hills.
  2. Establish mandatory chain up locations when road conditions are icy, including signage and a pullout location to put on chains. When conditions are too hazardous, postpone hauling until the situation improves.
  3. When using the radio to transmit critical road safety hazards, like road blockages, confirm that road users have heard the message. Ask them to stop in a safe location and warn other traffic until the blockage can be cleared. Post safety triangles or flares to warn traffic of potential road safety issues as soon as possible.
  4. Develop a plan for timely resource road inspections and maintenance. Use the draft resource road maintenance guideline as a reference:
  5. Regularly inspect and maintain vehicles. Make sure important safety equipment like cab guards, wrappers, tires and brakes are all in good condition.


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