2018-01-06 - Plywood Plant Worker

Fatality Alert

On January 6th, a worker at a plywood plant in Richmond was fatally injured. The worker was responding to a small fire when he came into contact with running equipment that had not been locked out.

Our condolences go out to the family, friends and co-workers of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by this incident.

WorkSafeBC and the Coroners Service are investigating.

Although the details of this incident are still unknown, review the following safety information:

  1. Lock-out procedures must be completed in all circumstances, including emergency operations. Do not bypass safeguards or safe work procedures even when responding to emergencies.
  2. Upset conditions occur when there is a breakdown, problem, or something happens that is out of the ordinary. Incidents often happen during upset conditions. When they do occur, make sure to pause, gather your thoughts and plan your actions carefully in order to keep safe.
  3. Practice emergency response regularly through realistic drills. Drills provide the opportunity for workers to practice safe and effective response to injuries, fires, and other incidents.


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