January 2018 - Equipment Rollovers

Alert of the Month

The following rollover incidents were reported to WorkSafeBC in December or 2017:

  • An operator was using a log loader to move a log when the outside of the road failed, causing the machine to roll down a steep bank. The operator was ejected part‐way down and the machine came to rest in a gully 200 feet from the road. The operator suffered multiple injuries
  • A log loader was forwarding wood to a roadside. The operator tried to pull a stump out of the ground with the grapple. The grapple slipped off the stump, causing the log loader to roll over. The operator was wearing a seat belt and was not injured.
  • A worker was repositioning a non‐tethered feller‐buncher machine on a 52 percent slope. The machine slid 15 feet and flipped onto its side. A stump breached the guarding and struck the worker. The worker was taken to hospital by the on‐site emergency transport vehicle (ETV). The operator suffered fractured ribs and soft tissue injuries.
  • A worker operating an excavator was placing rip rap (large rocks) on the bottom side of a resource road. The excavator became unstable and slid about 150 feet down the hill, rolling over twice. It came to rest upside down beside a creek. The operator, who was wearing a seat belt, climbed to the road and was transported to hospital. The worker received a lacerated head from the rollover.

    Review the following information to help reduce the occurrence and severity of these types of rollover incidents:


    1. Seatbelt Safety Video from Caterpillar
    2. Operator Dies When Shovel Rolls Downhill
    3. Steep Slope Logging Resource Package
    4. Road Construction Initiated Slides Operator Training


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