Worker pinned during unloading of snowmobile from pickup truck

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Lumby, BC
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Cabin Forestry Services
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Two workers were unloading snowmobiles at the start of the work day when the worn out skags on one machine became stuck in the ramps and caused the equipment to get hung up.

The workers attempted to free the machine from the ramp but due to icy conditions, they were unable to gain enough traction to un-wedge the equipment. As there were no tools in the truck to remove the ski or the superglide mats, the decision was made to remove the ramp from the deck to reduce the resistance on the broken skag and free the snowmobile.

While one worker lifted and held the ramps in place, the other worker proceeded to pull the truck forward to clear the ramps. Once it was determined that the truck had been pulled far enough ahead, the driver proceeded to put the truck in reverse and exit the cab assuming that it was in park. As a result, the truck began to move backwards into the worker who was holding the ramps.

The truck impacted the ramps causing the ramps to become suspended on the sled deck and pinning the worker between the rungs in the ramp and the back of the truck. The driver meanwhile became aware of the situation and jumped back in the truck and stopped it from proceeding further backwards.

After the truck was stopped, the pinned worker was freed and an initial first aid assessment was completed. The workers then proceeded to load up the snowmobiles and return to the office. The pinned worked received minor injuries and bruising to the neck, arms, legs, back and required precautionary medical attention.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Follow SOP’s when using equipment
  • Ensure proper communication between workers and verbally confirm steps to reduce risks of complacency
  • Ensure proper equipment is available to help mitigate upset conditions
  • When unloading equipment, ensure that a safe location is being used in the case of any upset conditions that require extra attention
  • When developing a plan to move equipment, make sure both parties are aware of the plan and steps needed to complete the task in a safe manner. Slow down and make sure extra steps are taken to ensure safety when working around equipment (eg: parking break, turn off vehicle prior to exiting the cab, keys cannot be removed if truck is not in park)
  • Utilize RADAR steps when faced with an upset condition.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Keenan Clark – Cabin Forestry Services, Vernon, B.C., Phone: (778) 475-3655 safety@cabinforestry.com


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