February 2018 - Preventing Wheel Loss ‐ Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Alert of the Month

There are three potential reasons for wheel loss incidents:

  1. Axle fracture
  2. Wheel mounting system failure
  3. Hub and wheel bearing system failure

Almost all wheel loss situations can be prevented with a good working relationship and communication between the driver (pre‐trip inspection) and maintenance personnel. Drivers need to be vigilant with their inspections, particularly when maintenance has recently involved the removal of wheels and the replacement of seals and bearings.

Often the driver will get visual, audible, and handling indications of a problem well in advance of the wheel separating from the vehicle. If in doubt, investigate, inspect and repair.

Axle Fracture:

Wheel Mounting System Failure:

Hub and Wheel Bearing System Failure:

Thanks to Weyerhaeuser and Advantage Fleet Services for providing the information in this alert.


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