2018-08-28 - Log Truck Driver

Fatality Alert

On August 28th, 2018 a log truck driver was fatally injured when the log truck he was driving overturned on a resource road in the Cranbrook area.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by this incident.

This is the second harvesting fatality of 2018.

While this incident is still under investigation and details are still to be determined, please review the following safety information related to safe log hauling:

  1. Follow the advice in the following link to properly inspect scale pad and bolster bolts. If not maintained or torqued properly, bolts can be damaged which can contribute to spilled loads. /node/2492
  2. Thorough inspections and timely maintenance of log trucks and trailers are essential for safe operations. Anticipate when parts or components are getting to the end of their service life and replace them before they fail. Regularly powerwash off mud and dirt to find the cracks and breaks that might be hard to spot. Review this link to see what WorkSafeBC looks for when checking log trucks: www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/checklist/log-transporter-inspection-checklist
  3. Loose items in the cab become missiles when there is a roll over. Unsecured tools, thermoses or batteries can cause significant injuries if they strike a driver. Secure any loose items or find a way to carry them outside of the cab.
  4. Seatbelts should be worn in all vehicles on all roads, including resource roads, at all times. The safety benefits of wearing a seatbelt are well-proven and far outweigh any perceived benefits of not wearing one. and outweigh the concerns about needing to jump from the truck or hit the deck if the load comes forward.

    View the following video for a personal story about the benefits of wearing seatbelts:


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