November 2018 - Log Hauling Shut Down Procedures

Alert of the Month

There are certain days when weather events create road conditions that make hauling very challenging. Sometimes shutting down the log haul is the best action to avoid safety incidents.

The sample Log Hauling Shut Down Procedures below can be used to guide the shut down decision-making process. Take the following procedures and customize them for your company.

These procedures should be used along with Mandatory Chain Up Procedures.


Log hauling on (Insert name of Company here) haul roads during changing weather conditions.

Shut Down Criteria

There are several scenarios that could cause the shut-down of a log haul. These are the most common scenarios:

  1. Early/Late Season Weather Events:

    • Temperature fluctuating between freezing and thaw
    • Fresh wet snow greater than 4-6 inches accumulation
    • Freezing rain events
    • Grader/sand truck not able to keep up.
  2. Heavy Rainfall Events, particularly on steep terrain.
  3. Extreme Wind Events with a risk of trees coming down on passing trucks.

Procedures to Shut Down a Log Haul

If any of the above scenarios are experienced, the following steps will occur:

  1. As the Loaderman travels to the block in the morning he will contact the Lead Truck and communicate:

    • any new road hazards
    • the status of the grader/sand truck
    • weather conditions on the road.
  2. Based on the information provided by the Loaderman, the Lead Truck might make the decision to try the road with his empty truck because of his/her skill level and additional safety precautions taken (e.g.: chaining up).
  3. Based on personal experience to that point in the day and also on the Loaderman’s information, the Lead Truck will make a recommendation on whether or not the haul should continue. If the Lead Truck feels it should be cancelled, he/she should immediately contact the Contractor Supervisor to communicate the conditions and haul status.
  4. It is the Contractor Supervisor who should make the final decision on whether the haul should continue or not. *All drivers have the power and authority to stop hauling themselves if they feel unsafe or unqualified for the conditions.*

  5. Once the haul has been called off:
    • ALL trucks are to be notified immediately by the Lead Truck or the Contractor Supervisor.
    • The (Insert name of Company here) Supervisor is to be notified as soon as possible.

(Insert name of Company here) encourages and supports the decision of any truck driver, lead truck or contractor who chooses or recommends NOT to haul on a road due to the condition of it.

Shutting down the haul due to adverse and unsafe conditions could be the single most effective “tool” in reducing the number and severity of trucking incidents that we experience in BC.

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