MAG-SAFE audit program

MAG-SAFE audit program

The the MAG-SAFE audit program was rolled out in 2019.

This audit tool will consistently, effectively and efficiently measure sawmill safety performance particularly in high risk areas. It is fully aligned with WorkSafeBC’s high risk strategy.
 MAG-SAFE Audit Criteria

MAG-SAFE Presentation for On-Site Implementation

The following downloadable presentation has been developed to help MAG member companies communicate the changes with the audit program throughout their organizations:


To help with the implementation and ongoing requirements of the MAG-SAFE audit program, the BCFSC has hired Bill Laturnus as a Senior Safety Advisor, Manufacturing, effective January 2019. He was one of the auditors who helped MAG develop and pilot audit the new tool.

Bill will be working with the MAG-SAFE audit team to identify the skills, experience, and/or educational requirements that a MAG-SAFE auditor will need. Once this assessment is complete, the BCFSC will be sending out an Expression of Interest for auditors who would like to conduct these audits.


Call Bill Laturnus toll-free at 1-877-741-1060 or email MAG@bcforestsafe.org 

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