January 2019 - Metal Objects (and rocks) Left in Logs Create a Hazard to Equipment and Workers

Alert of the Month

Recent reports indicate several discoveries of hazardous metal hardware found in logs to be scaled and milled. In most situations, the metal was embedded in logs that were originally used for bridges and/or wooden culverts. In another instance, the metal was from remote camp booms.

Metal objects left in logs are as serious as embedded rocks. All metal (and rocks) must be removed prior to loading of logs onto a truck or entry to head end of sawmill.

Major safety issues with embedded metal or rocks include:


Take the Necessary Action!

If the decision is made to load out the logs from an old bridge or wooden culvert, all the hardware must be removed prior to loading AND any holes should be bucked off the log. These holes can hold rocks and debris.

To ensure all foreign material is removed, the logs will need to be rotated and closely viewed by a ground worker.

It is not acceptable for a loader operator to view from the cab.

If uncertain if a log has embedded metal, either use a metal detector to confirm or do not load the log.


Learnings & Suggestions:

(From Western Forest Products safety alert originally posted on 2011-12-14)


Photos (directly above courtesy Western Forest Products)

Left: Metal found in saw log and broken teeth
Middle: Band saw with sheared teeth following impact
Right: Stain holes from metal in log.


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