February 2019 - Landslide Risks for Forestry Operations

Alert of the Month

In November 2015, on a mountainside cutblock access road, a driver was moving a loaded logging truck away from the loading point to put on binders. A landslide came down the slope, sweeping away the truck and trailer down the mountainside. The truck driver sustained fatal injuries.

Incident Details

Heavy precipitation and snowmelt on an old, unmaintained logging road 600 metres above the work zone initiated a landslide. The landslide swept down the mountainside through an active cutblock, carrying a loaded logging truck and its driver downslope approximately 300 metres, burying the truck in debris.

Learnings & Suggestions


Jack-strawed trees


  1. WorkSafeBC’s Incident Investigation Report Summary for this incident
  2. Road Construction Initiated Slides Awareness Videos and Training

Example of landslide caused during road construction.

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