Combustible Dust Mitigation and Control: 2012-2018

BC Forest Safety Council, with the Manufacturing Advisory Group, has developed materials for manufacturing firms to raise awareness for Dust Safety week June 24-28, 2019. Please follow the link below to access the posters and bulletins that have been built for you to post and share at your worksites.

Seven years of progress in combustible dust mitigation and control 2012-2018

From 42% compliance to 100% compliance
Following the two tragic sawmill explosions that took the lives of four men over seven years ago, the significant risks associated with wood dust in manufacturing propelled the Forest Products Manufacturing Industry, Labour Unions and WorkSafeBC to come together and work on strong mitigation and control measures from 2012 to 2018. 
During this time, the number of BC Sawmills that underwent inspections and responded to WorkSafeBC recommendations rose from a 47% compliance rate to 100% compliance and industry-wide support for combustible dust inspection initiatives.  
In 2019, there are well-established, significant mitigation and control practices in place to eliminate wood dust risk. Such practices involve monitoring operations for potential hazards, employee training, an annual review of combustible dust programs, and an external audit every three years. 
Please see the three resources that are available to promote combustible dust mitigation and control within your worksites.
· Combustible Dust Mitigation Poster
· Combustible Dust Mitigation Timeline
· Combustible Dust Mitigation Control Bulletin


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