May 2019 - Back to Basics

Alert of the Month

Some incidents are complex with many factors contributing to the injury or damage. However, many incidents are not as complicated as we think and can be prevented by practicing basic and fundamental safe work procedures.

This month’s alert reviews some of the basic practices that will make a difference in preventing future incidents. So at your next safety meeting, use the following information:

Forest Safety Basics

Three Point Contact – Prevent slips, trips and falls by practicing 3 point contact.

High Risk Falling Activities – Review the Designated High Risk Violations: Hand Falling and Bucking (see link in Additional Resources section) and avoid these violations.

Lock Out – When performing maintenance or repairs on any piece of equipment or vehicle (including pickups) make sure that all potential energy is controlled so nothing will release, roll, fall, or activate and cause an injury.

Risk Assessment and Controls – Take the time to do a thorough risk assessment of your worksite and take the actions to control those risks and make the site safe. Don’t walk by hazards that need to be dealt with.

Buckle Up – If you are in a pickup, log truck or piece of logging equipment use your seatbelt.

Fit for Work – Being fit and ready for work means that you are rested, well fed and hydrated and not impaired by any factors (emotional, stress, drugs or alcohol).

Well-Maintained Equipment – All equipment from boots to excavators need to be in good working order. Breakdowns and poor PPE can contribute to upset conditions and incidents.

Watch Your Speed – Rushing in any way usually results in mistakes and incidents.

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