September 2019 - Mechanized and Hand Falling

Alert of the Month

When hand fallers and mechanized falling equipment work together, there is the potential for safety and productivity to increase. Because different falling techniques are combined on the same block at the same time, special care must be taken to ensure that these activities do not conflict and safety is maintained on site.

This ALERT contains content from the Info Flip for Mechanical Falling and Hand Falling, created by the Falling Technical Advisory Committee (FTAC) and supplied by the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC). Copies of this Info Flip can be ordered from the BCFSC website by filling out the order form here:

A single cutblock can vary with flat and steep ground, wet and dry areas, and contrasting sizes of trees. In order to maximize safety and productivity in these variable blocks, companies use more than one method to fall timber.

Combining mechanical falling and hand falling creates challenges:

To overcome these challenges, ensure that the following are in place:


When to STOP Work

Workers and supervisors MUST stop work when:


Working together

As a result of machinery and hand falling working together, additional hazards can develop. See the following Safety Alert for a close call that could have resulted in a serious incident if it had not been handled appropriately.


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