Air Carriers Safety Working Group (ACSWG)


The Air Carriers Safety Working Group (ACSWG) was established in consultation with the Float Plane Operators Association, BCFSC and The Coast Harvesting Advisory Group (CHAG). Given some of the challenges associated with floatplane travel, it was felt that the highest operational standards were needed to achieve the greatest level of safety for crew and passengers.

In order to address this goal, the ACSWG in consultation with floatplane operators and forest industry members developed the North Star Practices. The NSP is a set of operating standards and procedures, along with an auditing system that provides a level of assurance to clients, regulators, and the public, that an operator has not only met Transport Canada regulations, but operates above those regulations to a higher standard. It also provides guidance to clients and passengers, so that they may understand what their part is in creating a safe environment for floatplane operations.

The following link provides direct access to all current NSP information and related documents:



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