February 2021 - Preparing for Break Up

Alert of the Month

Break up is approaching quickly and with it comes challenging working conditions including muddy and soft roads, variable weather conditions and a shift to night hauling operations. Review the recommendations below to better prepare for this change.



1.    During this time of year there is considerable pressure to produce and get loads into the log yards. High pressure situations can lead to taking short cuts to save time which can lead to incidents and injuries. Be aware of this pressure and continue the good practices that have kept you safe so far this season.

2.    When conditions deteriorate, new practices and procedures are often needed. For example: towing trucks through muddy roads or moving to night shift. Review the safety procedures with everyone involved before the change occurs. Inspect any specialized equipment like tow ropes or chains to make sure they are up to standard and safe.

3.    With changing work and sleep schedules, fatigue will be a reality and will have to be well managed to avoid incidents and health problems. Review the resources available (links below) for ideas on how to improve your sleep quality and schedule.

4.    Road conditions may become poor as the temperature increases and the roads thaw. Expect variable conditions including mud, ruts, pools of water, frozen culverts and soft shoulders.

5.    It may be difficult to keep focused with changes in work schedules and conditions. Recognize that this may cause distractions and that improving communication and supervisor support can help keep everyone on task and safe.


Additional Resources

•    Towing and Extracting Vehicles Safely Alert - /node/3400
•    Preparing for Night Shift Resource - /files/Prep%20for%20Night%20Shifts-Jan2017.pdf
•    Fatigue Management Resources - /Health_Wellness

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