2021-03-01 - Faller

Fatality Alert

On March 1, a manual tree faller was fatally injured at a logging site near Gold River, BC.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased and our sympathies to all those affected by this incident.

This is the first harvesting fatality of 2021.

While this incident is still under investigation and details are still to be determined, please review the following tree falling safety information:

  1. Practice situational awareness. Always be aware of the hazards in your immediate work area. All immediate hazards must be assessed, and a safe work plan must be developed.
  2. Overhead, ground and danger tree hazards can often be difficult to see. Take the time to perform ongoing thorough assessments of the stand and individual trees to look for and identify hazards.
  3. Fall danger trees progressively before performing work in the area made hazardous by the danger tree.
  4. The impact of falling or bucking trees can create additional hazards or chain reactions. Unstable trees, logs, rocks or stumps can be dislodged or fall unexpectedly.
  5. Before falling or bucking begins, ensure a safe escape route(s) is planned and prepared for every tree. Escape routes must be at a minimum of 3m (10ft) away from the base of the tree being felled, preferably to cover. If no escape route is available, falling or bucking must not take place.


As more detail is made available, the BCFSC will provide additional resources and information.

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