March 2021 - Trailer Hoist Incidents

Alert of the Month

Loading log truck trailers using hoists or heavy equipment can be a hazardous activity. There has been an increase in incidents and close calls involving loading trailers.  View the following two videos to see how significant these incidents can be.

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Contributing Factors

1.    Driver in hazard zone when reloading trailer

2.    Damage to molly cable not identified before use (rust, corrosion, broken wire strands)

3.    Cable beyond service life

4.    Previous potential damage not reported


1.    Ensure maintenance program is in place that includes regular inspection of trailer hoist and operating components for wear and damage.

2.    Lifting molly inspection:

•    Complete and document pre-trip inspection of molly.

•    Ensure clamps are tight and in good condition.

•    Inspect in and around clamps where corrosion is common.

•    Do not use hoist or molly with damaged or frayed cables.

3.    Maintenance:

•    If you damage a piece of equipment, report it so it can be inspected/repaired before the next person uses it. Damage can be caused by pulling away with the molly still attached to the hoist.

•    Replace mollys as soon as there is evidence of more than 3 broken wire strands or evidence of kinking, bird caging or any other damage resulting in the distortion of the rope structure.

•    WorkSafeBC standard for molly: a 1" sling with an eye at each end and attached to the trailer lift plate by 1" shackles. A looped moly may be used but must have a minimum of 2 Crosby clips in the center and a 1” shackle on each end or 4 sleeve style (crimp) clips holding the cable ends together.

4.    Guiding trailer into position:

•    Stay in the clear, outside of hoist frame when operating hoist. Stay in cab when trailer is being loaded or unloaded by heavy equipment.

•    When using a hoist to lower trailer, use a pike pole and not your hand to guide the trailer into position.

•    Make sure the hoist safe work procedures are available and controls are clearly labelled.

Additional Resources

•    TAG Safety Bulletins - /node/3157

•    Alert – Trailer Loader Foot Pedal Jammed in Down Position - /files/tag_SafetyAlert-LoaderPedal.pdf

•    Alert – Series of Near Misses at Log Trailer Reload - /files/Safety_Alert_Griffon_Safety_Solutions_2014-12-4.pdf


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