External Audits

To arrange for an audit an employer should:

When arranging for an audit, an employer should ask about the auditor’s qualifications and experience, and establish a cost estimate for the entire process, including the written report and recommendations. An employer may also request references from the auditor and check with their previous clients as to the level of satisfaction both with cost and product outcome.

The quoted costs of an audit will vary according to the size and complexity of the employer’s operations. Auditors will usually quote a daily rate, based on the number of employees to be interviewed, the number of documents to be reviewed and the scope of operations to be included in the overall audit process. The company should obtain multiple quotes and carefully compare the overall value, not just the overall costs. In addition, there will be soft staff costs associated with hosting the auditor throughout the process and providing the appropriate people for interviews. When an employer contracts with a consultant to help in the development and implementation of their health and safety system, that consultant cannot carry out the audit.

Note: Where the employer has operations that are covered by more than one WCB account number or classification unit, it is important to clearly identify which operations are to be included in the audit and which WCB account number and classification unit(s) will be linked to the certification. Joint audits of more than one WCB account require WorkSafeBC approval. 


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